Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuzzy socks!

So now that it is starting to get cold....I am reminded of my winter coping mechanisms. Long fuzzy socks.

These are my favorite:
Forever21 socks!

I own 5 pairs I think. They are perfect for long boots. I refuse to wear any other type of shoes in the winter. I see a lot of girls in flats and heels on way to work, and I wonder how their feet are still functioning. I also try to avoid wearing uggs to work because then I may as well be wearing a snuggie.

atuts highly recommends these, and at $5, it's an affordable luxury :)


  1. oooo I may have to invest in these! I like the bright pink fuzzy ones my mom buys with the grippers on the bottom :)

  2. i can't live without fuzzy socks in the winter! those, and my ugg slippers :)
    just found you on twitter - i wanted to introduce you to my latest endeavor - follow and spread the word so you can keep track of upcoming events and happenings in the city!