Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An attempt to de-clutter

If you know me- you know I love THINGS. I have a mild hoarding problem.  Not in the terrifying TLC way- but I consider myself a little chipmunk hoarder. One that can't ever throw away things with sentimental value. I keep bday cards, notes, pretty clothing tags, photos, coasters-I have an obsession with collecting business cards every place I go. This is semi awkward, but I glued in all my middle school love notes into a notebook. Unfortunately, magazines used to also belong to this category. I can pinpoint the exact moment this happened. I was in LOVE with Josh Hartnett in Middle School. He was on the cover of Teen People. I bought 4 copies and preserved them in mint condition. As an adult, I moved on from Josh and I have 8 magazine subscriptions. They definitely pile up. I cannot read that Economist fast enough! But I can never throw them away, because I am convinced that at some point, I will desperately need something from the issue. Those Cosmo 50 Best Tips aren't for nothing! SO. I decided I would finally deal with this. I now tear out every page I really like from the magazine. I bought clear paper folders and a pretty blue binder. In reality, you only actually like a few pages from each issue. Whether it's a recipe (Real Simple is my favorite), fashion tips, health articles....whatever strikes our fancy. So save yourself from the clutter and only keep what you actually need :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Things are looking up.

When I first started writing this blog, things were not going my way. I was very unhappy at my job, and as everyone knows, that has a huge effect on your life. I am happy to say that things are amazing at my new job. I feel very fortunate to work at a company that values its employees and tries to keep them happy. I would like to get back into writing on here, especially now with my positive new feelings on everything :) Since January I have visited some amazing restaurants, purchased some new fabulous things and discovered many more things that I still like.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A perfect moment

Sometimes, really strange things make me happy. I can be doing something completely random and all of a sudden, I realize I am happy in that specific moment. I had one of these recently. It was a freezing and windy night-again. I decided to stop at Super88 (more on that later) for some hot soup. I got my favorite Thai Coconut Soup and sat in front of the window with my awesome book (In the Woods) on my borrowed kindle. It was perfect. All you need is some good food and a good book and you can forget what else is going on all around you. After a while doing this, I felt rejuvenated, and ready to go back into the brutal cold.  Whatever strange thing it is,  I hope everyone has these moments once in a while :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuzzy socks!

So now that it is starting to get cold....I am reminded of my winter coping mechanisms. Long fuzzy socks.

These are my favorite:
Forever21 socks!

I own 5 pairs I think. They are perfect for long boots. I refuse to wear any other type of shoes in the winter. I see a lot of girls in flats and heels on way to work, and I wonder how their feet are still functioning. I also try to avoid wearing uggs to work because then I may as well be wearing a snuggie.

atuts highly recommends these, and at $5, it's an affordable luxury :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I know I am very late to discovering this...but pinkberry is super tasty. They opened a new store right on Newbury by my office, and I have had the opportunity to indulge several times. The mango flavor was great, for some reason the fruit there tastes better than anywhere I've had recently! Not to mention unlimited toppings. The best part, its only a semi-guilty snack. Yoghurt chips aren't bad for you...right? Anyways, this is a small thing I am grateful for, and I hope it doesn't turn into a full blown obsession. I don't need anymore bad habits!


I always wonder- what did I ever do without Pandora. I think it might be my absolute favorite discovery. I used to stream my Lady Gaga station (the week Fame Monster came out) for literally the entire work day. After a while, I started to get intense ear-aches and had to limit my consumption to 4 hours of Pandora a day. When I first got the iPhone- and discovered Pandora was an app- probably the happiest iPhone-related moment of my life. It has saved me from thousounds of bored hours on the T, and through many of my mediocre work-out sessions.

Why am I doing this?

Recently I have experienced what I consider as a string of very bad luck.  I have become overwhelmed with all these unfortunate events, and have lost track of what  I have that I still like.

Right now, I know that I am thankful for my fantastic friends that literally pick me up off the ground and remind me that not all is lost.