Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An attempt to de-clutter

If you know me- you know I love THINGS. I have a mild hoarding problem.  Not in the terrifying TLC way- but I consider myself a little chipmunk hoarder. One that can't ever throw away things with sentimental value. I keep bday cards, notes, pretty clothing tags, photos, coasters-I have an obsession with collecting business cards every place I go. This is semi awkward, but I glued in all my middle school love notes into a notebook. Unfortunately, magazines used to also belong to this category. I can pinpoint the exact moment this happened. I was in LOVE with Josh Hartnett in Middle School. He was on the cover of Teen People. I bought 4 copies and preserved them in mint condition. As an adult, I moved on from Josh and I have 8 magazine subscriptions. They definitely pile up. I cannot read that Economist fast enough! But I can never throw them away, because I am convinced that at some point, I will desperately need something from the issue. Those Cosmo 50 Best Tips aren't for nothing! SO. I decided I would finally deal with this. I now tear out every page I really like from the magazine. I bought clear paper folders and a pretty blue binder. In reality, you only actually like a few pages from each issue. Whether it's a recipe (Real Simple is my favorite), fashion tips, health articles....whatever strikes our fancy. So save yourself from the clutter and only keep what you actually need :)